Reasons for translating the website

If your company has partners or clients abroad, or you plan to enter the international market, then the translation of the text content of your website into foreign language is the necessary step towards facilitating the communication and mutual understanding. Our company conducts translation of texts on the website, through which your foreign partners will be able to obtain all the necessary information for cooperation.


Reasons for localizing the website

If your company plans expanding the market through attracting foreign clients, but you do not have branches and advertisement abroad, then localization of your website customized to the features of foreign search engines can be an effective way to draw attention to your services or products. Thus, in search for certain kind of services or products, the foreign partners will find your website along with local search results.

The process of web site localization consists of several stages:

  • usual translation of text content of the website taking into account the national mindset and local market;
  • translation of website modules, transformation of graphic elements and menu buttons which contain text;
  • translation and adaptation of meta tags and code elements visible by search engines;
  • testing and debugging of the localized website.

Cost of localization of website is calculated based on the cost of translation of the visible by user text and the cost of translation and localization of graphic objects, menu, data bases and service tags.


How the translation is performed

In order to translate text content of the website, it is necessary to provide website texts (including graphic elements and menu) in editable formats or website structure in HTML/PHP format. Website composition is carried out upon additional request. All subsequent work is performed by the customer.


How the localization is performed

In order to localize website, it is necessary to provide the site structure in HTML/PHP format, as well as graphic files in original formats. In addition, website localization can be carried out with the provision of administrative access to the site. This work can be conducted in close cooperation with customer's programmers and web designers.

Since the website localization is conducted in several stages, it is impossible to calculate the cost of work automatically. Please contact us to specify the price for the translation of web site. Phone: +7-915-678-0211, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.